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7/7M , 1/3 HC , 10/10 Raid

by Dödsleif, 132 days ago

Hi all,

Tonight we had a very productive raid where we downed Cenarius and Xavius on Mythic difficulty and followed up with Odyn on Heroic. The type of raid your spiritual leader is very happy after.

Just want to thank everyone attending for a brilliant raid where everyone focused up well after some practice! :)

And the promised picture;

Now we aim to complete ToV HC and move into Mythic. Stay tuned!

Best regards,
Your spiritual/emotional/sensual/sexual leader

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5/7 Mythic boys!

by Dödsleif, 147 days ago

Yesterday we killed the va.. Il'gynoth.

This puts us on 5/7 Mythic and as I'm writing this we are realm rank 8 and world rank 975. Pretty decent for a 2 day raiding guild guys 

Now we start preparing for Cenarius. Hype!

And the very requested killpic:

I swear to god, barely used paint here.

Over and out,
Your spiritual leader

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7/7 HC - Dafuq just happened?

by Dödsleif, 180 days ago

So.. In an attempt to get some practice on Xavius we had an optional raid last night.
As we had only had 2-3 pulls last raid after killing Cenarius we didn't honestly have that much hope and were I think all expecting alot of wipes.

We had 2.

2 wipes and on the third we had tanks melting when boss was low, me shouting "Kite and kill boys!" and eventually 3 players left alive and boss dead. Good job guys!

We are killing bosses in a pace that I can't keep up with the silly pictures but wth, this one I had to do!

-Your spiritual leader

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