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7/7 HC - Dafuq just happened?

by Dödsleif, 31 days ago

So.. In an attempt to get some practice on Xavius we had an optional raid last night.
As we had only had 2-3 pulls last raid after killing Cenarius we didn't honestly have that much hope and were I think all expecting alot of wipes.

We had 2.

2 wipes and on the third we had tanks melting when boss was low, me shouting "Kite and kill boys!" and eventually 3 players left alive and boss dead. Good job guys!

We are killing bosses in a pace that I can't keep up with the silly pictures but wth, this one I had to do!

-Your spiritual leader

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6/7 Heroic baby!

by Dödsleif, 33 days ago

Last night we had a really productive raid, good job everyone!
We managed to take the 3 easier bosses I was hoping for but we also managed to get some time and eventually a kill on Cenarius!

Now we only have one boss left on HC and then off we go to Mythic!

Best regards,
You spiritual leader (I'm sticking with this one)

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Legion Raiding has commenced!

by Dödsleif, 37 days ago

So yesterday we started raiding and managed to get 2 bosses down putting us on realm rank 5.
The aim for Sunday at the very least will be Il'gynoth and Dragons and then Renferal so everyone make sure to come well prepared for these - we should not have to put much time into explaining what to do.

Hope to see many of you for the normal run tonight where we will get some nice practice and hopefully some useful loot.

Best regards,
Your spiritual leader (I couldn't decide on Döds, Skogs or Bengt - I'm having an identity crisis)

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