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Bitches down!

by Dödsleif, 93 days ago

Well, a bit surprisingly we killed Coven tonight after a mere 15 pulls (a few of these were even instant-resets..) and so we're now 9/11 Mythic. Good job everyone!

We have now reclaimed our spot as realm 4th after a small dip during Varimathras and we now set our aims for a swift Aggramar Progression :)



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Update maybe!?

by Dödsleif, 114 days ago

Right, Tami keeps pestering me to update this shitz so here we go..

We just killed Kingaroth mythic and almost got Varimathras too so as it stands we're 7/11, good job this far everyone!

This despite some changes in the roster throughout the tier, take a look at our wowprogress to see what we currently have open spots for wink wink.

Rank pic:

Legit screenshot from kill with 3 people alive:

Live long and prosper!
Döds out

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First raid in Antorus

by Dödsleif, 173 days ago

Great work all yesterday, was a really nice start to the new raid tier getting 8 new bosses down in under 3 hours, you even got a nice 9 minuter break at the end image

Current rank:

Let's clear on sunday boys! ... & girls.

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