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ToS and Progress so far!

by Dödsleif, 40 days ago

Again long time between updates... I know I suck.

Anyhoooo... HC cleared first week and last night we killed Harjatan (Harjartan if you check vantus..) on Mythic. Hooray!

This puts us on 2/9 Mythic and on realm rank 7, EU rank 802 and world rank 1395 at the time of writing this.

Demonic Inqusition next!


And the mandatory killdickpic:

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9/10 Mythic Hype!

by Dödsleif, 100 days ago

Last night we killed Elisande after only a few nights of progression.

Good fucking job everyone!!

Now we take aim for Gul'dan before ToS hits and when it does we will continue kicking ass and stealing seals.. Cause we're all out of seals! Okay I'm done..

Current rank:


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We dead? No but Etraus is!

by Dödsleif, 121 days ago

Long time no update as per usual but this really doesn't mean we've disapeared or anything - quite the opposite!

So after a couple of nights on Star Augur it finally died yesterday. Yeaay!

As of writing this we are Realm rank 6 and World rank 1383 with our 8/10 Mythic progression.

Now we set aim for Elisande and while we don't expect progress to take only a raid or two we're still excited for some challenging progression :)

Currently we have some spots open in the team, mainly a boomkin would be a nice fit in the roster as it stands.

That's it for now!

And ofc, the usual pic:

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